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Competition Information

Contest Details

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21st June 2008  
Draw No
84th Annual Bugle Contest  
Bands In Section
Stan Lippeatt  
Derek Johnston  
Special Awards
Piece(s) Played
Three Saints arr. by 'Goff Richards'
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Adjudicators Remarks

Tuning problems in cornets to start, mp could be softer bar 9.
Cadenza well done cornet, euph & bass could have been more confident.
29 Nice playing with good drama.
38 Had a few tuning problems
48/50 Euph/Cornet could have been a lot more soloistic
66 A lot smoother for me please with softer articulation.
82 Again a lot smoother and broader playing is required
91-> Had quite a fair amounts of untidy and un-tuneful playing.
121 Eb Bass is light.
139 Good effect
144 Smoother and softer in dynamic and style
169 -> Good playing.
180 very untidy
192 Nice playing
203 Untidy semis on euphonium
209 Nice cornet work
217 Again quite a few untidy moments
237 more dynamics required.
239 Some of your best playing thus far.
252 Fine sounds, try not to over do in 257
272 Euph light in balance,
279 Grandioso Good and good build to a fine ending.

A performance with a few problems and also some good points

Thank you

Stan Lippeatt


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