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Competition Information

Contest Details

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31st March 2007  
Draw No
52nd Annual Band Contest at Truro Methodist Church  
Bands In Section
Derek Broadbent  
Derek Johnston  
Special Awards
Piece(s) Played
Henry The Fifth by 'Vaughan Williams' edited by 'Roy Douglas'

The New Colonial March by 'R.B Hall'

My Love is Like a Red, Red, Rose Arr by 'Gordon Langford'

The Mill In The Dale by 'S.Cope'

The Caliph of Bagdad by 'Boieldieu' Arr 'W.Rimmer'
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Adjudicators Remarks

Henry The Fifth:

A confident opening – good control + dynamics [CC] Works well [DD] Sop rather flat on the D. Semis nicely done - Close is bold + has good conviction.

The New Colonial:

Steady tempo - Compact opening – but I feel the march loses a bit of its swagger. Good dynamic contrasts are heard. Lead to trio – a shade untidy. This soon settles – but one spot of tuning spoil. FF section – good lower lines. Sop obbligato - confidently played. Repeat not as secure as the first time. Sop doesn’t quite come through on this repeat. Close is compact.

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose:

Opens well – just watch the tuning please [A] soloist plays with good sound + style. Accompaniment struggle with their tuning. Well done soloist to [D] – tasteful playing – ensemble – controlled [E]. Don’t let the band overshadow the soloist please [F] - Good solo lines – ensemble to follow Meno Moso fine. <>? Close is well done.

The Mill in the Dale:

A musical opening – then the tuning suffer at [A] – Effective moments [B] Lots of fun. Allegretto – This could all be neater - I don’t hear all the detail. – I enjoyed the vocals and it all worked well. D.S. – better details this time. Close is fair.

Caliph of Bagdad:

Pleasant horn + ensemble to open. Repeat, Sop a shade flat. [A] This could be smoother. Cadenza take a little .. fine. [B] fair. Close a bit lumpy. Alla - why so loud – it’s only p and I love much of the busy detail. [D] is better [E] forceful – but this is stylish now and not so untidy. [G] watch the balance please [H] moves along in good style. [I] exciting and there is a good sense of rhythm to [J] – well contrasted – and all goes well to [L] – [M] (+3) not quite in tune – but you settle again (+1) winds up well [O]needs a bit of clarity. Presto to close is effective and again have good contrast to the end.

A few spots of imbalance + tuning spoiled in too many places – but a varied programme which had good contrasts.

Well done soloist and thank you


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