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Competition Information

Contest Details

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9th April 2005  
Draw No
50th Annual Band Contest @ Truro  
Bands In Section
Derek Johnston  
Special Awards
Best Player of the section, Steve Andrews
Piece(s) Played
Tam O'Shanter's Ride by 'Denis Wright'
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Adjudicators Remarks

Rather untidy at the start – cornets really balanced.
Secure solists to Animoato - this sounds rushed.
Solo cornet rather # in pitch at [3].
Con moto is =96 not 70!
Good bass detail in the link to 88.
At tempo this sounds rushed in rhythm and is too loud solo cornet (it is only mf at the start!)
Well done Bass Trom & Bass Bb.
At the Andante the dynamics and balance is not always accurate.
The chord should always be heard (albeit in the distance).
Secure link to the allergro where the rhythm is rather erratic (good sop!)
Cannot hear crotchets in bass sequence.
Good cornets at 9 but too loud.
It is f for all parts at 10
Secure link to ‘reel’ which moves nicely then becomes uncontrolled.
Rough bass link but quite stylish Euph and cornets (too loud again …)
Untidy ensemble at times from 14 to 15 but mf | f | ff steps well controlled.
Lacks energy at Agitato.
Ensemble untidy in this section.
Needs more pace at fin moto.
Fair bass link to 17, this is quite well done.
Good solo playing generally from lento – but details of find … not really …

A good attempt at this difficult music but much detail overlooked in dynamics … contents. Also balance of parts need more rehearsal.


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