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Competition Information

Contest Details

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14th March 2010  
Draw No
West of England Regional Championships @ Torquay  
Bands In Section
Jappie Dijkstra & Peter Bassano  
Derek Johnston  
Special Awards
Piece(s) Played
The Kingdom of Dragons by 'Philip Harper'

Adjudicators Remarks

Remarks from 'Jappie Dijkstra'

Big sound but make sure not too strong,
D low cornets not clean.
Nice horn sound F dim starts too early.
Mind the intonation in octaves before G.
G good drive with powerful risoluto..
Big contrasts in dynamics be careful with overdoing the ff.
nice character of the folk song K / N low brass too strong against Horn & Bari sfp good effect but this should also be dim.
Q nice atmosphere but the notes are pushed a bit too much.
R Nice solo work cornet / euph.
S could blend more ( top line to strong).
Keep the Phrasing the same!
T good character, good percussion work U / V Brillante does not come through.
Good drive in the fugue with the right texture.
Y you are losing some some detail.
AA Sound falls away . Cornets to loud it sounds Hard.

You have good possibilities and talented players. Keep the sound polished in all Dynamics,

Good Luck !

Remarks from 'Peter Bassano'

Opening fanfare,a steady tempo & ensemble not perfect but some well controlled & balanced playing.
Good intonation into G & terrifying playing.
After H some rhythmic instability,
after L some attractive ensemble playing at Q
& melody flows from cornet & euph, although balance & intonation a minor issue throughout this passage. Good intonation 2 before
T muted cornets less good.
Respectable percussion at N although V didn't quite work
W the fugue sounded a bit unsettled & moments of rhythmic uncertainty at Z.
The finale was hard driven and the final chord was impressive!

There was much to commend in this performance and it might be argued that the use off forceful dynamics in the mining machinery was appropriate even in FF you should take care of the sound quality.
Peter Bassano.


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